How to Navigate the Pictures


The pictures will fill your web browser and the navigation bar will disappear after a few seconds. Move your mouse to make the navigation bar re-appear.

You can either run the set as a slide show (middle arrow at the bottom left) or step through manually using your left and right arrow keys. You can also step through manually using the the left and right arrows at the bottom left.

At the top of the picture is the box showing the picture number and shooting data. You can turn this off or on using the +/- icon at the bottom left.

Just below the information box there are a series of dots. These will navigate you directly to each picture.

Each picture has a unique web address in your browseers address bar. This will allow you to bookmark any particular picture you may like so you can go back to it at any time. The last part of this address is alsothe picture number in case you need to know this.

All images on this site are original creations and are the intellectual property of Photos by McD/Bryan McDermott. It is prohibited to copy or reproduce any of these images in any form without the written consent of the photographer.